How We Got Started

One Man's Dream

     As a consumer there's nothing worse than feeling stuck with a bad product. When that product is accompanied by terrible service the whole experience leaves you feeling like you've been robbed. That's the feeling many on the North Shore of Long Island have when trying to book a taxi or car service. They call for a service to pick them up at a specific time because they need to catch a train only to be told they can't have the time they want. Than the company dictates to them what time they can pick them up because there will be 3 other people riding in the car with them. This means if any of those people are late EVERYBODY is going to be late to the destination. Sound familiar?

     Maybe you've experienced what several others have experienced after a long day at work, getting off the LIRR only to find out there are no cabs available. Than you sit in an office with 10 other people while being told your car is minutes away only to sit for half an hour, watching as groups of people that walked in after you get into a car before you do because nobody is going your direction. 

     After experiencing these issues and more one man got the idea to just start his own taxi company and do NONE of those things. His dream was to put people first. Coming from another country he didn't see a reason to simply put up with the nonsense because he hadn't lived here long enough to accept this bad service as the standard. He KNEW it was wrong and refused to be told there was nothing that can be done about it. So he did something about it! He bought one car to drive as a taxi and fought against the larger companies every step of the way. They tried to bully him and put him out of business because he wanted to show people there was a person that cared more about people than money. He did things nobody ever saw before, like putting magazines in the back of his car for people to read while they were being ridden place to place. If somebody had too much to drink and stumbled upon his car at night he would give them a ride home for free to make sure they got home safe. He would ask people if they were comfortable and people acted amazed that somebody even bothered to ask! His dedication to the people in his community made him feel like he was a part of it as well, and the joy he received from this gave him the desire to do more.

     After that adding more cars and finding others to share in this dream would seem the obvious moves. Of course the larger companies did all they can to try to stop this from happening. Using slick lawyers and having some politicians in their pocket for years they tried to keep the community as depressed as their poor service would allow. However something wonderful happened. So many people heard about what this man was trying to do that a petition was started to allow him to add an extra car. One man with one taxi amassed over 1,000 signatures from his neighbors and clients to pave the way for his next car to be added. The people spoke, and demanded to be heard!

     Here we are, 7 years later continuing the dream of treating our community right. The majority of our drivers and dispatchers live right here in Port Washington with you. Our kids play together at the same parks, go to the same schools and walk home on the same streets. It's our hometown.  Our hearts are right here and we are glad to have you as our neighbors. When we say "ride with a neighbor, not a stranger" it's not marketing or a slogan. See you soon neighbor!